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          2015-06-05 17:36:13





          Ladies Gentlemen, Distinguished Guests, Good Morning!

          I would like to thank welcome each every one of you for attending the 20th Anniversary Ceremony of Wellhope.


          For a human being, being 20 years old is the time for passion. It is a time of pride, showmanship adventure.


          For a company, being 20 years old is the optimum age. The company must act decisively, with great ambition.


          Looking back our 20 years journey, I have an endless stream of thoughts feelings the bottom of my heart.


          The past two decades in China was an era of abounded opportunities, an era of efficient progress an era that eventually found order chaos. It was a time when only the best were filtered through.


          The elites constantly evolve in every generation. They take leadership in the short long term. Many qualified candidates may have failed whereas many less qualified candidates may have succeeded.


          Complicated business environments, constantly changing supply demand, repeated adjustment of policies, increasingly diversified value orientations, such factors have made many companies fail.


          Thus, the brave companies are a monument of our time the pioneering entrepreneurs are its heroes.


          If you want to sustain your business in China, you have to be able to follow the trend, adjust your direction, seize every single opportunity. You have to be in the right place, at the right time. It is neither feasible to depend on intuition without rationality, nor only depend on rationality without intuition.


          Wellhope has carefully considered every perspective to develop in the past two decades. In the unstable business environment, the success of Wellhope is a result of our hard work, our sincerity our honesty. Our success also comes the support all of you!


          Most Wellhope senior entrepreneurs received their higher education in the 1980s. The then popular slogan, "Revitalization of our great China starts me-myself", was deeply printed in our minds our hearts.


          Back in the 80's, there was a popular song with the lyrics: "In 20 years, let's gather together, drink discuss who holds the glory. What the contributions have we made to our motherland? Looking back, do we have any regrets?"


          Today, I cannot say that our past was perfect flawless. However, as dream chasers pragmatic strivers, we can speak loudly that we've tried our utmost best have a crystal clear conscience.


          Throughout 20 years of ups downs of our development, Wellhope has had many highlights that we are proud of:

            1. 依靠產品打天下,技術創新求發達,禾豐產值過百億,市值過百億,我們再一次證明了知識就是力量這一偉大真理。

          Firstly, our achievements are reliant on our products our innovative technology. Together, they make us competitive, give us the potential to grow. Wellhope' s revenue, as well as market value, have both exceeded 10 billion RMB, proving once again the well-known saying: knowledge is power!

            2. 七人創業起家,五年后邀請18骨干比肩而立,十年后股東50人接踵而行。與朝鮮伙伴攜手,與尼泊爾伙伴攜手,與荷蘭De Heus 結盟,精誠團結,共襄盛舉,我們再一次證明了團結就是力量。

          My second highlight is our growth. 20 years ago, Wellhope started with 7 founders. 5 years later, 18 outstanding team members became new partners. 10 years later, we had 50 partners. We have now partners all over the world, Nepal to the DPRK to the Royal De Heus in the Netherlands. Once again, we have proved that unity is strength.

            3. 嚴格自律,守法經營,禾豐嚴守食品安全準則,崇尚理想道德原則,從不投機取巧,絕不見利忘義,我們相信財富創造的過程亦是道德價值的實現。

          Thirdly, Wellhope has adhered to our own strict moral code. Every decision we make is well within the parameters of the law we always abide by food safety regulations. We have never tried to play the market, we always value our integrity more than our personal interests. We believe that to succeed financially, we must also succeed morally.

            4. 創造就業,貢獻稅收,積極參與公益事業,用技術進步幫助國家節省糧食資源,用肉蛋奶產品造福天下消費者,踐行”大道之行,天下為公”理念。

          I am also particularly proud of the number of job opportunities Wellhope has created as well as the tax income that goes to our society. We care about public welfare. We strive to help our country by saving resources with our advanced technology. We produce meat, eggs dairy products to satisfy our customers. We also practice our values, including "the world is for all".

            5. 誠實守信,合作共贏,20年來說到做到,從未失信于員工,客戶,供應商,投資者。與海內外合作伙伴情深意長健康發展。

          Finally, I am proud of our integrity our ability to seek mutual benefit. In the last 20 years, we have never broken a promise, to our employees, to our customers, to our suppliers our investors. We have also sustained a healthy development friendship with our overseas partners.


          But Wellhope could have done it alone. Without my colleagues, including all the shareholders, the managers, all the staff, Wellhope could have achieved what it has over the last 20 years I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to all of you. You are all strivers contributors the elites of our time.


          I would also like to thank all our customers for your loyalty your love. Thank you to all the suppliers for your support your cherishment. Thank you to all our partners for your understanding your dedication for us. Thank you to all the government officials of every rank for your guidance support. I would like to thank all the scholars experts for your expertise. Thank you to all our friends in the media our investors for your recognition your praise. thanks to all the financial agents for your acknowledgement friendship. I would like to thank every single one of you for your support dedication for our cause.


          Looking ahead, Wellhope will be striving expanding as always. We will never stop our pace.


          We will face three external challenges: food safety, a shortage of resources, environmental pollution. We will also face three internal challenges: the increase of operation costs, management difficulties product competition.



          With the support hard work all Wellhope employees, under the guidance support all of you, we believe Wellhope will grow even further still to unprecedented heights.

          May I take this opportunity to wish you all good health happiness!


          Jin Weidong

          Chairman of Wellhope


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